Oman Air akcija za polaske iz Minhena – Maldivi 354€, Šri Lanka 354€, Indonezija 399€, Zanzibar 400€, Bangkok 405€…

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7 komentara

  1. Dejvid Ivanovski napisao:

    Koliko je od zagreba do minhena povratna? Znate li

  2. Dejvid Ivanovski napisao:

    Aha, video ssm na sajtu.

  3. Tripologia napisao:

    Da, piše već tamo. 🙂 199 kn u jednom smjeru.

  4. I love your page. Even though we are now always traveling sometimes you need to know where else we can be (and for how much) 😉

    • Tripologia napisao:

      Thank you The Travels of BBQboy and Spanky for very nice comment. It’s huge compliment when such experienced long term travelers like you two find something useful on our website. 🙂 Do you have some plans in your future itinerary to visit Croatia again?

    • I hope that we will make it back in the Spring. BBQboy (Frank) always wants to go somewhere different but I really would like to spend more time in Split and explore the sorrounding islands and maybe other parts of Croatia. There’s some places that stay with you and Croatia was –IS one of them.

    • Tripologia napisao:

      Split again? You liked it so much? Yes, Split is beautiful and islands exploring is great idea but you should consider visiting Istria this time. 😉 Anyway welcome back to Croatia!


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