Iz Dubrovnika ili Splita povratno u Francusku ili Italiju već od 15€

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  1. Marko Taslak napisao:

    Katarina Boras

  2. HI Gile. I was looking for cheap flights towards the end of June Split – Montreal. This might be a good option to Paris…from there many options to Montreal.

    • Oh rats…but they don’t fly into CDG!

    • Tripologia napisao:

      Do you need it for one way or return? Have you checked skyscanner for prices? You can find good prices from Venice and Volotea can take you to Venice from Split. There is even direct Air Canada flights from Venice for aprox. 450€ return if you prefer direct, or British Airways with transfer in London for 400€.

    • I looked at the Air Canada flights and you’re right – they’re cheap. A couple of things though: Volotea seems to fly into Venice in evening so I’d have to have an overnight stay…and AC flights from Venice fly to Toronto first, then Montreal…makes for very long trip and with overnight stay the cost might come out to same as other options at the end.

    • It would be return, leaving late June, coming back late July. In between, I also have to book a return flight Montreal – Mexico City. But for Split – Montreal just looking for cheapest option. I notice Air Transat now flies direct Zagreb – Montreal which is an option…and the cheapest. But I’d have to take the train or cheap flight to Zagreb.

    • Ah, but easyjet has cheap flights to CDG from Split!

    • Tripologia napisao:

      The Travels of BBQboy and SpankyAC have direct flights from Venice to Montreal, no need to transfer. But it’s true, you will probably need overnight in Venice, it is difficult to match everything perfectly. Same thing will be with connection over Paris or London, but yes, there is Easyjet to Paris. Also to London, maybe you should check prices from London as well. Air Transat doesn’t flies direct Zagreb-Montreal, there is transfer in Toronto and prices are high.

    • Argg, you’re right about the Toronto connection with AT. But their price (a total of $1165 CAD) still the lowest I’ve see. I’d much rather fly out of Split and last year I did it with Lufthansa through Munich (but going to Mexico City direct and not Montreal). Connections from Split through to Montreal always seem a bit complicated…

    • Tripologia napisao:

      The Travels of BBQboy and Spanky I still believe that your best option is to look for connection over Venice, Rome, Paris, London… From those cities you will find something useful, from Split you can reach Venice with Volotea, Rome with Vueling, Paris with Easyjet, London with Easyjet or Wizzair…but in each case you will probably need an overnight there. For example there is direct Air Transat flight from Rome, try to combine that with Vueling from Split. If you must start from Split then you can find some Lufthansa/Croatia Airlines/Air Canada connections but the price will be +800€, you can check that in skyscanner.


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