Kanarski otoci s polaskom iz Hrvatske! Kombinacija iz Dubrovnika za samo 91€, iz Pule 119€, iz Splita 120€, iz Zadra 121€

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2 komentara

  1. Johnny napisao:

    Okay I got it Rumbo, but can you still use your Diners and Maestro cards on those sites???

    I just can’t and I don’t know why….?

    • Tripolog napisao:

      Hello Johnny,

      if you have already book some tickets on Rumbo with your Diners or Maestro card and now you can’t do it anymore than you probably get on their black list. As you can see on their web pages you are allowed to book this promo price tickets just once in 3 months period. The truth is that you can actually book more than that (I have book much more than that) but when the moment of card blocking will occur isn’t clear to me yet.

      If you haven’t book any ticket on Rumbo with your Diners or Maestro card then there is probably problem with your bank security things. There are some banks that just won’t work with Rumbo.

      The solution will be, in both cases, to try to book tickets with someone else card. If you have anyone that will borrow card to you then try this, you will know after that where is the problem.

      I hope this will help you.

      Good luck! 🙂


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